BakerHostetler’s Class Action Defense Team has been successful in having claims dismissed on motions to dismiss and on summary judgment and equally successful in defeating class certification. Our strategy begins with an in-depth analysis of the complaint followed by an internal investigation and, when needed, best practice recommendations. Our interest lies not only in defending the company from liability in the current class action, but in making sure that necessary steps are taken to make future class actions less likely.

Class action litigation frequently occurs at the same time as government investigations by the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state attorneys general or other federal or state regulators. Our lawyers are experienced in coordinating company responses to government investigations without prejudicing, and at times enhancing, the company’s position in litigation. Our team also has been successful in enjoining governmental entities from proceeding with litigation during the pendency of a class settlement.

BakerHostetler boasts an unparalleled in-house data management capability, creating a cost-effective method for class discovery should the case proceed to that phase. Our litigators are also experienced in e-discovery and keep abreast of new developments in this rapidly changing field. BakerHostetler has developed relationships with a multitude of experts in a variety of substantive areas and we have vast experience in expert discovery.

Our strategies allow us to achieve beneficial settlements for our clients, often because we have achieved an early victory by securing the dismissal of the claims of the class representatives. When a negotiated resolution is best suited to our clients’ business needs, we have substantial experience in crafting settlements that bring our clients finality and eliminate exposure.
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